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IOT Chain Block Explorer (Alpha Version) Now Live!

Following our announcement of our IOT Wallet , we are excited to announce our new block explorer (Alpha version) located at Explorer.IOTChain.dev. Our block explorer allows users to search our Test Net and view specific data that is published in real-time to our proprietary IOT blockchain.

Our idea behind the creation of the explorer was our commitment to transparency, users being able to quickly view their transactions and allowing anyone to track transactions. Also, our block explorer fundamentally acts as a dashboard to monitor the network’s activity and status of our IOT blockchain.

We are starting off with a small set of unique features in our ALPHA build of our Block Explorer, and we’ll be refining our UX/UI as well as building out a lot of more functionality in the coming weeks.

IOT Chain Block Explorer (Alpha Version)

ALPHA features of the IOT block explorer are:
   - IOT Chain Testnet
   - Search Function
   - Transaction Details
   - (More Features Will Be Added in the coming weeks)

The IOT Block Explorer is intended to be easy to use and will increasingly pack some powerful features under the hood for developers when it is finalized.

We received great feedback on our IOT wallet and those changes will be made shortly. It is this feedback that allows us to understand what our target audience needs in terms of functionality and user experience. With that in mind we are asking again for your feedback on our IOT Block Explorer. Feel free to send all feedback through our feedback form or by emailing us below.

(Feedback Form)

you have questions or comments on our development, send an email to contact@blocksafe.co