The BlocksafE® TEAM

In our last news post we touched on our communication moving forward. We are actively looking over your questions. Answers will be released through upcoming social posts and updates to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why a proprietary blockchain?

The idea for Blocksafe® was created in 2016 by our founder and chairman Kevin Barnes. The Counterparty platform was chosen due to its availability and ease of use. At the time, it was unknown that issues within the Counterparty protocol existed, and these issues were only made clear during the Binance withdrawal situation. After months of support and research from Counterparty, Binance and Blocksafe®, a solution was finally reached. We then realized moving forward that the Counterparty protocol could not fully support the unique goals Blocksafe® had set out to achieve.

Moving into a future without Counterparty, Kevin realized he alone would not be able to develop the proprietary technology Blocksafe® required. He then began to grow Blocksafe®, adding experts to the team in blockchain development, IoT services, and UX/UI to realize his vision. He identified these core components to ensure the successful development of our products.

Blockchain Core

Known for being the underlying technology behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchains are the key component of the immutable audit layer. They secure transactions. Beyond the buzz of the crypto market, blockchain has the ability to improve the core technology layer of countless verticals.

In the digital age, the totally-connected world is approaching at warp speed. A solution is needed to be able to determine the authenticity of a device and secure privacy and data ownership. With the advent of spoofing devices and fake identities, a solution is needed to protect private information. The traditional ways of storing personal data on centralized systems have created data security concerns. As can be seen with many recent hacks via IoT devices, our personal data and privacy are both under attack.

At Blocksafe® it is our mission to protect data and connected devices.

With that goal in mind we have enlisted the help of top experts in the IT space such as Richard Smondrk, who brings unique expertise to our development team and allows us to be fully capable of achieving our company mission.

A career IT professional, Richard spent a decade at IBM as a full-stack developer and corporate webmaster. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Banking Institute/College of Banking in Banska Bystrica and his educational background includes additional years of study in information technology and management at top Slovak universities. Richard currently helps our development team develop and maintain our blockchain/IoT platforms along with overseeing the development of dApps that run on our network. His primary proficiencies are in Node.js, Java, PHP alongside with popular frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, and Backbone.js.


According to Wikipedia, the Internet of Things is “the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects,” or simply put, a more device-connected world. A world where devices such as smart locks, temperature sensors, cameras, and mobile devices are all in communication sharing data. By 2020, Gartner predicts that the world will have 21 billion connected devices online.

21 billion devices will generate a lot of data.
But how will this data be secured and how will we know devices are not malicious?

Blocksafe® is addressing this problem threefold by utilizing blockchain technology to authenticate devices and secure data privacy and ownership. Our proprietary IoT platform, StreamIoT™, is an Internet of Things development platform that allows users of any skill level such as IoT device startups, garage engineers, and DiYers to take their IoT device dreams and make them real via a managed IoT communication platform while leveraging Blocksafe® blockchain technology. With StreamIoT™, users and companies can create custom systems of IoT devices for whatever purpose they desire.

The task of building the StreamIoT™ platform was undertaken by our engineering team, a group of seasoned experts equipped with over 30 years of combined experience in blockchain, IoT, IDoT, machine learning, AI, real-time systems, big data, nosql, edge computing, firmware development, cloud services (aws, azure, google cloud), and digital transformation. The challenge was clear: to build a connective platform that DIY and enterprise builders could leverage to secure the IoT devices on their networks and secure their data, without compromising speed or performance.

In our next update we will explore StreamIoT™. We will dive deeper into its functionality and ease of use, and discuss how it leverages blockchain. In future updates we will discuss our StreamIoT™ invitation-only alpha testing program and how you can get involved. Stay tuned.

StreamIoT™ User Experience / User Interface Design

At Blocksafe® we believe that user experience and interface design is an extremely important aspect of building any successful platform. Our goal is to create the most easy to use and streamlined platform to give our users the ability to create their dream IoT projects without the distractions of poor user experience.

To ensure our platform will serve our users’ high standards of usability and functionality now and in the future, we are leveraging our in-house Creative Director’s experience designing award-winning digital products for companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Paramount Pictures. Previously working at various creative agencies in the film, entertainment, and gaming space, Blocksafe® team member John Rinkenberg is working to create a user-friendly and customizable platform. The platform is not only groundbreaking technologically, but it also does not fall into the UX/UI stereotypes of the sometimes complicated and clunky IoT application space.

Our development team is focused on creating Blockchain-as-a-Service as well as our unique IoT platform (StreamIoT™). These are foundational developments that are necessary for the successful future of Blocksafe® technology services and partner products. With these core elements in place we can build on them to create the solutions we originally planned, i.e: firearm- and defense-focused decentralized applications and more.