TRIG Token Holder IOT Token Air-Grab Claim

As we shared earlier, the Blocksafe® Team is taking every feasible step to reasonably assess how to best move forward in this era of regulatory uncertainty. As some of you are aware, we are undergoing a full re-review and re-analysis of our token structure with our legal team, this is not a simple and conclusive process. While we looked at our token structure, Blocksafe® moved positively forward with core network development as well as building our integrated StreamIoT™ blockchain platform.

As we shared earlier with TRIG holders, TRIG was a crowdfunding campaign (CFC) managed by Bittrex. Blocksafe® cannot offer legal advice in this space. No comments that we make here, or elsewhere, should be taken as legal or investment advice. Please consult with counsel in your area regarding any legal questions you may have.

We promised to update you as soon as we have "nailed down" a clearer path regarding TRIG. However here is what we are able to confirm thus far.

  1. This program shall be open to all non-US citizens
  2. TRIG holders will be allowed to ‘grab’ X (TBD) IOT Tokens for 1 TRIG held
  3. We are finalizing partnerships with other exchanges to make this process very easy
  4. IOT is the native token for the IOT Chain which is a decentralized network that is open for unencumbered use and integration
  5. The New IOT wallet release will be able to secure IOT on your own device
  6. TRIG holders will retain their TRIG